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08-03-2013, 03:58 PM
My worst stfs was Khitomer Vortex Normal. My fleet admiral and I decided to pug it together while we waited for the rest of the fleet to show up.

We both run 3 piece Oddy sets with all the consoles. Both of us were at teir 4 in all reputations. Advanced MkXII fleet beams x 6. Me disruptor him phaser. Borg torp launcher on front, Borg cutting beam on back.

Mission starts, we announce that him and I have probes. Generally hell watch both sides while I help bring down the gens and spheres on the side everyone is on while keeping an eye out if he needs help.

Everything was going fine until one of the pugs starts screaming at my fleet admiral to kill the spheres on his sides. As in immediately ignore the probes he was killing and focus on the spheres first. You know, the ones NOT on the active side and lightly tickling his shields while he kills probes first?

We ignore it and this just infuritates the guy. He takes multiple breaks from firing his weapons to instruct everyone how it should be done. Keep in mind, everyone but him is doing fine without him.

We kill the gates with plenty of time left and not a single probe having even gotten close enough to the gate to take a postcard photo.

In comes Donatra. As per standard, I politely say in local, "Remember boys and girls stay 6km from Donatra or she gets scared and cloaks". I'd like to think everyone knows this, but it doesn't hurt to remind everyone, politely, that this is SOP.

OMG KILL THE SPHERES, guy tells me that it doesn't work like that anymore and charges right in. Thankfully it doesn't matter as he spends most of the time in respawn limbo, listening to the best of Yani on loop I can only presume. Donatra is killed, the day is saved, guy warps out.

The best part? He was flying the Teir 1 Enterprise. With....yes the grappler hook. Either that was the worse player I've ever seen or he most convincing troll.

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