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Originally Posted by newromulan1 View Post
Umm no. I can run one of my KDF toons with 20 marauding missions - all purples - even though I would have to check 6 sector blocks usually to get 20 - but the return on that could be as high as 50-60 CB!! That would work out to $2.5 million EC plus or 20k dilithium. Now most of the missions would be 45min to 2 hr - with some 8hrs. Now there would be some CD but i could go to other sectors and still find some more in a day than just those 20.

people use this to farm for massive amounts of EC - that is all

Sorry - KDF should not be used as a CB farming faction.

i am running all 6 of my KDF toons right now doing nothing but marauding and taking detailed notes of the results which I will supply to Fed players on the general section on Monday/Tuesday. Hopefully Cryptic will see that the KDF should no longer be a CB farming faction.

So SIX of your toons marauding for hours on end moving your characters from one zone to the next, waiting the required time for those doff missions to end anywhere from 45mins to 8 hours, using possibly hundreds of millions of EC worth of purple doffs for 6 charachter for 2.5mil ec or 20k dilithium? Its seems like you went to extreme lengths to try to prove your point and extreme lengths to try and toll the post with your chosen game play style rather than contribute in a meaningful way. You have got to find better use for your time if you think this is some sort of major income. If this is how you choose to play rather than running Estf missions on FOUR characters (32k dilithium) and multiple common, rare, and very rare loot drops which also equal millions of EC, or running foundry missions for equal amounts of ec and dilithium, that is your choice. Even though you go to great lengths to try and point out some sort of problem, I think the only problem here is your experiment fails miserably at trying to prove a point, if that point is about income potential.

I find it hard to believe that someone that would go to such extreme lengths to choose using contraband as their income, including buying all purple doffs to do so, is trying to destroy their own very acceptable play style. In all honesty I think you could make more by doing something else with your time, if you have gone to this extreme to generate this income and its playstyle, then I see no issue with it.

Again your post has nothing to do with the slaver pets and all of what to do with doffing and contraband. This post is about broken slaver pets.