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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Roms also have exactly three races to create uniforms for, not eight (including Trill and Alien). And unlike the Federation, the KDF races tend to have unique uniform pieces designed specifically for that race.

I'm not suggesting that KDF shouldn't get more clothing options. I am pointing out that it's going to be more time-consuming to create options that universally fit all of them. That means more development time, which means harder to get and keep on the schedule.

Part of the reason why the Roms got priority for costuming this time around has to do with the storyline.

Roms start out with a choice of "starter" outfits meant to portray them as colonists and outcasts.

They get access to a Romulan Republic uniform once they join up.

They get access to a Tal Shiar uniform when they infiltrate the Tal Shiar.

They get a Romulan uniform variant that's meant to distinguish the difference between the Fed-allied and KDF-allied Romulans.

And of course there are the uniforms you can only get with cash.

The way to get more KDF costume options is not to demand costumes. The way to get more KDF costume options is to ask for new content where new costumes make sense.

A Gorn-inspired FE might very well call for Gorn-inspired costumes. An Orion-inspired FE might call for more Orion costume options. Costumes based on the furry Rura Penthe outfits might actually get somewhere if you request them for missions in cold-weather environments (Winter event.. hint, hint).
I see what you mean. Sorry for the inconvenience... I think I was getting too much in the head seeing more C-Store Rom Costumes At First, That's All. I know "demanding" doesn't work... and TBH... I think I just need to cool down. I have to look at where the stuff could fit in, before I just demand my way to hope for it. In fact, I might make a new post to ask about the Gorn Featured Episodes In Them Selves.... Maybe Even Get Ideas For You To Use. Then, hopefully that will transpire into costumes... etc etc... and I think it will go well. And by another thing, maybe you don't mind getting KDF some "Yesterday's Enterprise Variant"? Because... it really does not go well with KDF.
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