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08-04-2013, 11:13 AM
Another idea i have picked up would be to release a Multi Mission Galaxy Cruiser for the C-Store.
Ok, it wouldn't be the first Galaxy type ship sold at the C-Store, but since the other Galaxy Class ships are almost unplayable and completey underpowered compared to all other ships in STO, i think it is justifiable.
Cryptic doesn't have to remove anything, just add this as let's say another type of Exploration Cruiser, namely a Multi Mission Vessel in contrast to the Engineering Heavy Exploration Cruiser Retrofit.

This ship would actually be much closer to the "real" Galaxy Class Starship (GCS, man i love that acronym ) we saw in the shows than that miserable thing we have to endure in STO (now for more than 3 years).

It features a similar BOFF layout than the D'Deridex Warbird, but with a bigger emphasis on the Multi Mission nature of the GCS.

Tactical: Lt.Cmdr
Engineering: Cmdr.
Science: Lt.Cmdr
Universal (or Engineering): Lt.

Its Console Layout is the same as the D'Deridex Warbird:
Tactical: 3
Engineering: 3
Science: 3

Additionally it comes with one [large Phaser Array MK XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg]]
This weapon (only forward) fires once per cycle at a 300 degrees arc.

[Console - Universal - Antimatter spread], [Console - Universal - Saucer Seperation] and [large Phaser Array MK XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg]] are the 3 part GCS set. This set is only equipable at the Exploration Cruiser retrofit or Mirror Exploration Cruiser.

2 part set Bonus
+1 turn
+5 power to all sub systems
+30 Starship Energy Weapon Damage
+30 Starship Projectile Weapon Damage

3 part Set Bonus
Clickable power, 3 min cooldown.
It fires a combined high yield Photon torpedo spread at 3 targets and fires a phaser lotus like attack with the large beam array. This 3 part set bonus is deactivated once the ship is in seperation mode.

Price: 3000 ZEN

I think the GCS in STO should have been much more like this ship from the beginning.
Since Cryptic gave much older ships or ships from the same era (D'Deridex, Galor, D'Kora) a much better BOFF/Console Layout then the Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, i see no problem in introducing a alternative GCS in STO.
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