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08-04-2013, 05:33 PM
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Personally I think they should leave Grav well 1/Singularity jump as is, but increase the Pull on Grav Well 2 and Grav Well 3 so that the Max on Grav well 2 would be like -0.60 and the max on GW 3 would be -0.65.. which I'm sure would be a significant pull value..
But I think they don't want Grav Well to be able to pull people in using EPtE or Engine Batteries, but I say why not? I mean Grav Well 3, being a commander level skill, should require extreme measures to escape, right?
why not?
why shouldn't the target need as much of an investment in inertial dampers as the attacker has in grav gens?

is it the fault of people that want to use gw etc if the gtarget ignores the defence to such?
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can you say attack pattern angry forumers 3?