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08-04-2013, 10:32 PM
Another great thing is giving Feds what used to be klingon exclusive items like the Plasmonic Leech. Used to be you want it roll a kdf now its just completely stupid because as a fed all you have to do is go to the exchange and pay less then 2 million ec and you have a Plasmonic Leech where as kdf still have to pay 1k zen for it.

But hey at least we got Ionized Gas Sensor console because we all wanted that right......

Its too late now to remove it from the feds but why not let kdf players buy leech for ec as well.

By ignoring the kdf side of the game they are ruining the game people love to use the excuse "well you don't get c store ships because they don't sell well" yea that true because there are alot less kdf players and the more you decide to ignore them the number will countinue to decrease due to people quitting or changing to fed.

At this point i refuse to give any of my money to Perfect World in the past i have and would love to continue to support this game but the lack of support for kdf means that i won't. (Yes we did get a 1-20 experience in LOR but so what starting out at level 20 was a cheese shortcut on there part for too long)

After reading the article about the kdf timeline i am surprised that anyone who played the game at launch as a Klingon would still be around.

After listening to a couple podcast with devs it seems the attitude is pretty much only 16% of the playerbase plays on the kdf side so we don't really care about them if they want better gameplay they need to reroll fed.

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