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Originally Posted by darkdog13 View Post
At this point i don't really care much that the feds have leech as well the real problem is the cost difference.
As a fed you simply walk to the exchange and put down 2 million or less ec and you have it (2 mil ec is nothing i made almost 5 million leveling a klingon back when it was 20-50 just by selling mission drops)
But as a kdf you still have to go out and buy a Vandal Destroyer for 1k zen or about 100k dilithium (which is a great exchange rate atm)

So instead of taking a kdf excursive and making it say a rare item for feds now every single fed can have one because its pretty much free for them.
Ahh but as a KDF you only pay for the ship once and can get as many consoles as you want on each KDF character afterwards free of charge. After discharging the ship you can claim another and it comes with all standard equipment including the console. So you can have 1 console on each of your ships on each character. Feds have to pay MILLIONS to do that on multiple characters, or even just 1.

And it isn't that hard to make 1k zen. Heck I had 1100 yesterday and bought the 900 zen respec bundle for 1 character so I could respec his skills, traits, and reputation abilities. Only took me a few days to get. Now he doesn't suck.

And recently I had 2500 zen like a couple weeks ago. Across multiple characters trading dil for it, it only took me about a week and a half to get. (And a few days ago I bought $40 in zen cards at game stop)
I went to the Delta Quadrant and the Kazon stole my stupid T-shirt. Also, my pet hamster that died when I was a kid is now a Kobali.

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