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08-05-2013, 11:07 AM
Like the legendary Spock, Jonus was born to a vulcan father and a human mother.

That, however, is where the similarities end.

Jonus's father was a vulcan captain of a starship. His mother was a human scientist specializing in transporter technology.

Jonus chose to follow in his father's footsteps and joined Starfleet. When he was 19, he was assigned to serve on his father's ship.

While serving with his father, one of their missions took them to the same sector as the science station where his mother was currently stationed. They decided to visit her.

While en route to the station, the ship received two separate distress signals. The first signal was from a nearby space station. It was under attack from a Klingon strike force.

The second distress signal was from his mother's research station. It, too, was under attack.

The stations were in opposite directions. The captain (Jonus's father) had to decide who to assist. The space station housed over 2000 civilians. The science station housed 23 scientists (Jonus's mother was one of them).

Jonus's father made the only logical choice. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. He assisted the space station.

The science station received no help and was destroyed. Jonus's mother was killed.

Jonus's father received a commendation for his difficult decision and was ultimately promoted. Eventually he became a Starfleet admiral.

Jonus, however, completely renounced his father for letting his mother die. He turned his back on vulcan philosophy and embraced his human side. He became a follower of the James T. Kirk method of command. He also never spoke to his father again.

As time went by, Jonus was promoted to captain and got his own starship.

To his horror, he discovered the ship was staffed entirely by vulcans.

Turned out, the ship was an experiment. Starfleet wanted hard data on how a ship completely run by vulcans would perform.

Jonus had been assigned to the ship due to a clerical error... the system had him registered as a Vulcan and - because of his father - Starfleet had assumed Jonus followed the Vulcan way of life.

Jonus tried to protest, but was ultimately told the transfer was complete. If he wanted his own ship, he'd have to take the ship he was given.

So now Jonus is a half-human, half-vulcan who hates vulcans.... and is the captain of a ship run entirely by vulcans.

He's not a happy captain.