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Originally Posted by shailat View Post
Hmm OK, sounds interesting.......

So you all qued solo?, Cuz imo you had to preplan to have 5 gal x in a team and Que together to get into the same match.
Isn't that still called a PREMADE? just with all the same ships?

SO if i take a full team of my fleet members all in defiants i guess we are a PUGMADE, according to your statement we are because we have the same ships

Im getting tired of people saying they are a pugmade and stuff, you still ask others to team up ether it be fleet mates or just random people you ask, you still cross heal, you still assist each other, so IMO your a premade!
A premade is built so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Random ships, or oddball themed ships grouping together isn't really a premade. Though, it's not a random pug either.
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