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Something i noticed in boot camp is that many sto players turn to pvp after they ran out of pve content, by that i mean after many rounds of ise, not when whey finished leveling. So the sweet spot of not to taxing financially for new players vs. helping players avoid making bad investments is thin. Not so much a question of intelligence.

I think that the grind economy could make for a nice additions to the guide. People will slot doffs (hopefully) and just as maco or dis-plasma hybrids are recommended and require pve grind. Good pvp doff can be had through simply playing the game as well. MAybe not SNB or Rommie BO doff, but SDR, DMG control Technician...

eg. Dmg Control Doffs for rotating two different etpx abilities can be had simply by doffing from the lt st'ass's shop, or from the replicator.

I don't think that advanced fleet shields are very expensive, and make for an even better shield then Paratrinic (which also requires PvE). ... There are more examples.

Traits and Romulans woud make for great additions.

@hilbert: If you are interested pm me in game @havam. I have finished draft for a gear/grind/econ guide with an eye to beginning players for boot camp. I didn't have the time to finish it, cause of other deadlines. But maybe some basics about eg. doffing and starbase gear and how to obtain it quickly would be of interest to you for inclusion in the guide.

We do get dil and FM for pvp, so in my opinion, much of the starbase gear is actually easier to grind for then other rep items and that just by pewing so why not use it.

@MT: in 3 years i haven't figured a fun way to get EC. 99% of my shinnies are gifts. Ever since there is the starbase and rep gear, i m happy when i have 5 mio ec on my account
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