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08-06-2013, 05:22 AM
Originally Posted by pherras View Post
Speaking of Btran could someone tell me if this was normal . I completed btran doff chain for the first time and got the blue tech doff. A few hours later I go back to see if I could start it again and there was a support colony doff assignment and got the purple tech from it. Needless to say i was pleased I was done got a purp tech and one blue tech with minimal effort
This was my experience as well: Got the Blue doff and then right away the Purple "10 of 10" on my first attempt at the "Support" mission.

And then...the wheels fell off! Over my next several attempts I got:

1. "Disaster" (3 of my Doffs in "Sick Bay" for 19 hours)

2. "Success" but non-critical so no new Doffs (just a "Refugee" for use in Asylum missions)

3. Another fail, but no loss of Doff use

4. Finally, a Critical success and my 2nd Purple Doff (another "10 of 10")

So, don't expect your luck to hold takes persistence!

Now I'm looking for other chains to run to see what else I can get to beef-up my Doff ranks. Suggestions appreciated.