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08-06-2013, 11:30 AM
Good to see! I'll repost my review here. As for length, I think it can calculate it based on previous plays. After a few reviews just search for your mission name then use the customer search to increase the minimum playtime. Once your mission vanishes, you know how long it is!

My mini-review with some elaboration based on the style of my last review (after part 2, I might come back with an in depth of both parts);
Maps: Loved the maps, especially the opening space map. Maybe a bit more feature wise on the ground one though? Pirates were reused quite a bit though, kept thinking "Didn't I just kill you?".
Story: Interesting premise, was enjoyable. Would have liked a bit more detail on the villain - the mystery business is cool but he's looking a bit generic, despite the questions - I would have thought it would be to his advantage to elaborate. Didn't notice any real SPG issues.
Combat: Fairly balanced but repetitive. At the end they're in groups that make them easy to pick off which is good from a combat point of view, but make no sense in a narrative.
Is It Trek: I'll come back to this question in a replay as it's been a few days now and I wasn't noting on it.

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