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Dear Cryptic-ers,

I have weighed very carefully your... *logic* of the (pre-)scheduled Events and.. I have to say that I find it quite ingenious! *However*, I have to propose you the following idea: to give us the possibility of acquiring Lohlunat Pearls in exchange for a *fixed* price in Zen, so that we wouldn't be needed anymore to buy a virtually random number of Master-Keys, namely to open an equally random number of Lockboxes, so that... we might collect enough Lobi Crystals - 50, to be exact! -, to buy 1 (one!) Lohlunat Pearls Bundle Box! O.o
I mean, c'mon, do we have to pay almost 5,000 Zen for a single bundle?! What about those of us who do NOT have enough Dilithium (--> Zen) on them to buy the much needed Lockboxes?! Not to mention that we don't have the time for acquiring those bundles anymore... Tomorrow, it expires anyway.
Now, the Pearls, let's say, could cost us around 40 - 50 Zen coins, while the Corvette... 1,000 - 1,250? :-) Yes, the Event may pass and expire, but then we would have a *real* chance at acquiring what we couldn't during the Event period itself! And such Events, in their whole, would then become a *seasonal* type of entertainment here, but one that wouldn't leave anyone with *grudges and envy* because one could NOT participate in it fully and/or because one could NOT collect enough... 'stuff' for claiming the Big Prize. ^_^ So, please, make the Pearls available via Z-Store, as well as the Risian Corvette itself. For differentiated prices, as suggested before, of course. ^_^

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