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08-11-2008, 07:08 AM
Well, they will never announce a date - no one ever does. They can't know how development will change or how other pressures may push back or change the release date. In my opinion, giving us a 36 month release window and telling us they will be doing a 'countdown' via a timeline update is pretty outstanding commitment to keeping the community informed.

Price point should not be a real concern - they want to sell unit and they want to have subscribers. You can expect it to cost $50-$75 US roughly if we launch in the next three years and I would estimate $20 US per month or so. Keep an eye on what is selling and what average monthly subs are for Sony and Blizzard and you have your answer.

As for fleets - what do you mean? A couple of years hanging out and building friendships with guys you plan to play with is an excellent reason to build them up and to go into launch with people you know and trust and share a common goal with is why you could be interested now.

I personally am glad they gave hints and teasers about what the game is like rather than a breakdown of dollar costs and price entry points.