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08-06-2013, 08:03 PM
Just wanted to see if I could revive this thread by posting my current and only build.

Ship: U.S.S. JIM RAYNOR (Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit)

Engineering Captain
Hull: 62,066
Shields: 11,690
Base Accuracy: 25%
Base CritH: 5.2%
Base CritD: 59.2%

Fore Weapons:
  • Adv. Fleet Disruptor Beam Array [DMG]x3 [CritD]
  • Nanite Disruptor Beam Array MKXII [ACC] [CritD]x2
  • Adv. Fleet Disruptor Beam Array [DMG]x3 [CritD]
  • The Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo

Aft Weapons:
  • Nanite Disruptor Beam Array MKXII [ACC] [CritD]x2
  • Adv. Fleet Disruptor Beam Array [ACC]x2 [DMG]x2
  • Kinetic Cutting Beam
  • Experimental Romulan Beam Array

Shields: Elite Fleet Covariant Shield [ResA][Adapt]
Deflector: Purple Positron MKXII [ShdS] [Em] [Ins]
Engine: The Nukara Set Engine
Warp Core: Field Stabilizing MKXI Blue [EFF] [W->S]

  • Weapon Battery
  • Engine Battery - Large
  • Shield Battery
  • Subspace Field Mod
Inventory Device: Nimbus Distress Call

(Work In-Progress):
  • ENGR - Fleet Neutronium Alloy [TURN], Fleet Neutronium Alloy [TURN], Assimilated Mod, Zero-point Energy Conduit
  • SCI - Elite Embassy Plasma Infuser Shield Emitter [-Th], The Nukara Universal Console
  • TACT - 4x Disruptor Induction Coils MKXI Purples (~+28% each)

  • Lt. Cmdr Tactical: FAW1, BO2, APB2
  • Ens. Tactical: TT1
  • Cmdr Engineering: EPTE1, EPTS2, EPTW3, Aux2SIF3
  • Lt. Engineering: ET1, DEM1
  • Lt. Universal: TSS1, HE2

(Work In-Progress)
  • 2x Purple Conn Officers (TT CD +20 to Attack Patterns)
  • 2x DCE
  • WCE

Offensive Subsystems (with bonuses): (127)/100/35/72
Subsystems (setting): 95/45/15/45

Rom Rep Bonus: +30 to Shields Systems, 20% to regain +1,800 shields when critically hit.
Nukara Rep Bonus: 5% Hull, 20% of Aux to Shield Perf, Shield Integrity, Hull Plating
Omega Rep Bonus: +30 Weapon Training, 288 Shield Reg/6 seconds

Rom Set Bonus: +7.6% Plasma Dmg, +15 EPS, Rom Beam BO

  • I am quite proud of my build which works best in PVE (Elite) and I can hold my own in PvP.
  • There are parts of my build that are "in-progress" meaning I'm just waiting for Elite or saving up for the purple versions.
  • I highly recommend the Romulan Set Torpedo; I used to use all beams but this torpedo is ridiculously fun since it shoots 3, I say THREE plasma torpedoes in one volley every 6-8 secs!

Comments and Feedback Appreciated!

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