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Originally Posted by dareau View Post
Aventine, huh?

You running the Dual Aux Cannons or a "traditional" build?

On a traditional build, polarons / thalorons / plasma, then yeah, Overcharged, W -> A is most likely the mod to grab because these versions need to run the "traditional" 125 / 25 / 25 / 50 build, and to make that sci cmdr slot useful you'd want as high an Aux as possible. If you're using the Aux Cannons, then overcharged, A -> X. I prefer A -> W myself, since you'd run 125 aux to fuel the cannons and I use the bonus to weapons to slip some extra power over to weapons for the tail KCB & turrets that run off weapons power...
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here here

Though other than the fleet shields and maybe weapons I still haven't found anything worth buying for my ships yet. Well except purple doffs.
So your point concerning that advanced warp and singularity cores are only useful to some builds is?
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