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08-07-2013, 09:38 AM
Okay. So a question I have is do we as Foundry Authors have the ability to "roll" objects? Perhaps this is not the correct geometric terminology but here's what I'm referring to.

For example: If we place a NPC Contact of a person with their idle animation set to "Sleep" where they are peacefully laying on their back. Let's say that we place them so they are like three feet off the ground just floating on their back. Can we "roll" them so that they could be floating face down? And this is not just relegated to NPC contacts. Could also apply to props like crates or plants or anything else. I know we can rotate them to face a certain direction but I guess I'm looking to rotate them on another plane.

Frankly, I sucked at math so I hope I'm making this clear enough for everyone to understand.
Thanks for the help.

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