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Originally Posted by somebob View Post
To nobody's surprise, the Risian Explorer outfit is designed just for itself (on females anyway).

Does it work with the off-duty Merc stuff? Nope (massive clipping).

Does it work with ANY belts? Nope (massive clipping).

Does it work with scarves? Nope (massive clipping).

Do the 'pants' (just another texture of the UGLY 'poorly tucked into large boots' pants option) work with anything short exactly one footwear option? Nope. Unless you can explain the huge untucked leg parts just sitting there.

Is said retexture offered in Uniforms? Nope.

Can you use either the top or bottom on your BOFFs? Nope (although it does say Captain only, so I'm not surprised there).

Why the @#^!@ do we still have the pointless and annoying as all get out Uniform and Off-Duty division of things? REMOVE IT. And if it's CBS' doing, tell them to go stuff it.

Worthless worthless costume 'set'. And I thought the leftovers we got on CO were bad.
Its a shame it didnt work out for you, im enjoying it actually. Caitian Picard now has a Risa off duty outfit

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