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Originally Posted by thenewtraveler View Post
[...] For more enlightened minds and spirits to answer my call. ^_^

Thank you!
You might be waiting for a loooooong time

Also, I would to comment on the following from your post.

Originally Posted by thenewtraveler View Post
but then we would have a *real* chance at acquiring what we couldn't during the Event period itself! And such Events, in their whole, would then become a *seasonal* type of entertainment here, but one that wouldn't leave anyone with *grudges and envy* because one could NOT participate in it fully and/or because one could NOT collect enough... 'stuff' for claiming the Big Prize.
You need to understand that Cryptic WANTS people to be envious and hold grudges against those who won "the big prize". Why? Because it'll motivate them to participate in the event next year or any other seasonal events. It has to be accepted that there just some things you can't have due to having missed out on them.

A lot of people were angry they missed out on the TNG season 1 Worf sash that was only available for a couple days during the TNG 25th anniversary event. But did they stick it in the cash shop to appease those people? No.
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