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Originally Posted by catstarsto View Post
I have started a new project, this can help those who didnt get thier Foundry Missions spot lighted, in having thier missions reviewed and put up in lights by your friendly neighborhood CatStar :3

Your submissions will be displayed on the Foundry Review pages

I will only review those missions I have permission to, and wont give away the ending other then to say, CatStar wins ^^ There will be included a screenshot to show off action or a dramatic and/or funny moment.

EDIT: I changed the page name for the original, now its for Federation side reviews, plus I added in a new page for the KDF side too.
If you're still interested in this project, I just posted a mission a week ago. Would love a review as it is my first mission.

Uprising: Act I - Off The Grid
Its a federation mission and takes about 45 minutes.

If you choose to do it, thank you in advance!

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