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Have you considered that playing with friends for some people is about playing with friends and not against them? The advantage of playing with friends is that I know that I won't curse my own team at the end of the match; I think that often the more infuriating thing about one-sided PVP matches is the fact that the random guys on my own team are completely useless, not so much that the other side has superior coordination. (Though this has shifted a bit since S7, when the changing metagame widened the gap between full and partial premades considerably.)
Considered it... and hey your free to hang out in Opvp and try to find a team to play against all you want.

It seems obvious the TSI boys would rather pick on random pugs then mix themselves up and have some fun... thats cool man how ever you want to play the game. (I am bugging you here I'm not serious)

Honestly every one I have every played with... enjoys shooting at me now and then... perhaps its just me I must be really annoying. lol

I honestly can't think of anyone I have played with that I don't mind playing against now and then. Playing against people I normaly play with is more fun... and honestly more relaxing.

We ran some random build 5v5s tonight... they all went 15 14 or so give or take a couple kills... and I will say getting blown up by Dontdrunk or ZenithN or Truth when we are playing good quality pvp isn't hard to take.... I died more in one of the matches then I had all night... and I had more fun... go figure.
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