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08-08-2013, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by jon59650 View Post
PUGged Infected: The Conduit and Khitomer Vortex both Elite. In Infected some guy destroyed a generator without following the 10% rule, his response "s**t happens".

In Khitomer Vortex some guy left probe duty to kill a cube and didn't tell anyone. He was also using every torpedo imaginable.

Great way to start the day
Yesterday this happened twice. Vortex Elite, 4 split off to one side while i take right side probes + generators. Despite having 4 people on the job they still manage to let probes slip though + fail to kill cubes. ended up killing 3 cubes.

As for the various torpedoes, that's not a no-go by definition but it does take a bit of knowledge to combine torpedoes. In general torpedo boats are quantum, harpeng and cluster.