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08-08-2013, 07:16 AM
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I personally play arena, cnh and spend time in kerrat while wait. Lots of fun pvp in kerrat. Arena and cnh waiting time is alomst > 30 mins for days. Maybe cos of the vacations.
I have been puggin a bit myself lately... ya sometimes the ques are popping and the matches are great... but other times its a hot mess of mark farmers... afkers... role players... and premades that que up but for some reason refuse to fight each other in challange matches.

When the ques are at there worst... we can all be setting up matches... no fleets to play for no Super Egos to feed... just good mixed teams and the type of matches we live for.

We ran 3 or 4 matches like this today... and they where all great fun.

Hope to see you join up ivantom... you can help make some of those matches KickA.