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Originally Posted by magusofborg View Post
No, absolutely not, does belong in the C-store. Otherwise I would not have set aside time out of my busy days to perform the actions needed to acquire it, just like the Breen ship from the winter event.

Being able to have a vanity ship with a bit of exclusivity to show 'I was there" is one of the major motivators for a number of players to do these events including myself. If it's not going to generate some envy or grudges, then I don't want it
Pretty much agree with this. It's kind of a way to show how long your character has been around in-game. Not too mention, I think it'd highly unfair, for those that were there, and spent the time (or money for lobi), for something, that some one some months later, can just buy out of the C-Store)
(Now I don't care about generating envy or whatnot, lol)

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