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Originally Posted by franc275 View Post
I'll open a project at T1 and extend the project as long as it would take to get to T5 - therefore only costing my T1 prices... yeah not going to happen - for many, very good, reasons.
I did say in my previous reply, that the cost of the project, as well as the rewards would scale based on the time spent. That's how things work when it comes to missions, Duty Officer assignments, and virtually every other instance, in this and most other games.

So you can slot up projects that run for 15 minute each, but they'll only reward you based on a 15 minute duration (not rewards based on a 20 hour duration). Likewise, if you want to slot a project to run for 10 days (240 hours, rather than 12 x 20 hours), the cost of slotting it would be equal to the same amount we have now.

The proposed idea would not make things cheaper or more expensive in any way. All it would do, is make it easier for people who don't have the time to meticulously log in every 20 hours just to slot up a project.

Originally Posted by jam3s1701 View Post
Bad idea means you could in theory just slot in one project and complete it all in a few clicks
Less clicks, is a good thing. Again, the cost would not be reduced. The duration would not be reduced. It would still take just as long to complete projects. The difference is, people can choose how long they would want to wait before slotting a new project. Most people work for a living, and as such are gone from the computer most of the weekdays (monday through friday). Gaming is thus usually limited to saturday-sunday. Wouldn't it be great if these players could slot a project on monday morning (before headed off to work), and complete it on saturday morning? 5 times the cost, 5 times the duration. 4 times less logging in, reslotting project.

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