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08-08-2013, 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by sulfrustriple View Post
Not disputing your experience, but others are posting based on their experience. Which may be more recent and comparable.

And Devs have expressly stated that they have dramatically reduced (from 6 to 1) the quantity of contraband received when the proc occurs. This isn't a figment of imagination. It is a real and measurable decrease in output.
Are you kidding?.. They use to steal ~5-12 contraband per stf... at least, and now you are lucky to get 2 worthless provisions in the same stf

Even if you didn't get anything a long time ago... in a place far far away... my question to you is are you happy with it.. better yet, spend the dilith and get the elite set and see if you are happy.. doubt you will be

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