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08-08-2013, 01:34 PM
I love costumes! I'll buy more more slots (and the Romulan TNG Uniform pack) once you fix the bugs cerritourug is relisting above (especially, or at least the TNG pants) and these two as well:

Romulan 22nd Century Uniforms
The problem is that the top doesn't use the same color pallet as the rest of the uniform (especially the Sash).

The top uses the Federation Standard color pallet, while the Sash and other parts of the uniform use the Off Duty Pastel pallet. With the latter OD pallet we can get nearly identical to what was shown on the TV show and what's in the C-Store now, that would be ideal to use that, but either pallet would do, so long as all pieces matched.

The product was advertised in this Cryptic Sample Image included in the costume blog and similar to what was posted in the Legacy Pack page. It is apparent the pieces match-up.

The July 11, 2013 Release Notes mention these uniforms should now allow proper tinting for all pieces and color palates for all items should now match each other. It was reported by multiple forum posts, the same day, after the patch and I opened ticket ID #1,870,122 that the issue still exists.

As an additional note, these should be renamed 23rd Century Uniforms, or better yet Romulan TOS Uniforms. It also would be nice if female characters could use the helmet.

Extreme Clipping Added to The Romulan Republic 1 Uniform
This used to be my favorite Romulan Uniform, but with the July 25, 2013 update to Holodeck the uniform got broken. It appears a new undershirt (part of the RR2 uni?) was added and is clipping with the original top. Here are before and after pictures. The before as the costume appeared at LoR launch and up until the July 25 update, the latter showing where it now clips (highlighted by white circles).

The problem was reported by multiple Tribble forum posts and on July 16, 2013, via Tribble ticket ID #42,206.


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