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08-08-2013, 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
if you wanted to build the most capable high damage vesta, this is how you would go about it. sure, you could build it hotter then that, but you would foolishly sacrifice great potential survivability in the proses. this should still be hot enough to do any job

3 plasma DHC/3 plasma turrets

EPtE1, AtB1, EPtS3
ET1, AtB1

HE1, TSS2, VM1, TBR3

2 turn+ all resist consoles
5 plasma imbued particle gens
3 plasma energy damage

3 purple tech doffs, 2 vm doffs

TBR will deal your primary damage, with low aux from the AtB use, there should be little push, just damage. the cannons should do a good job moping up, and VM should put a stop to any significant fighting back. with the 5 available sci consoles, its hard not to use plasma weapons for the bonus to their damage you can get with embassy consoles. even a sci captain could get good damage from this, but a tac would be best
i gave this a try as I have a sci vesta w/ a tactical captain...

Im not sure what im doing wrong. I used Aux2Batt followed by TBR3 at near pointblank and..... nothing really happens. I push them a little bit, and take them from 100% hull to 98% Hull....

This is with 5 purple particle gens, and maxed particle in skill tree. Was this nerfed recently?