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08-08-2013, 04:29 PM
Those things had minimal impact on our ability to play STO.

So we had to change our forum username?

F2Players? More players=good.

But Arc is not even remotely on the level of those changes.
This is a major change that does not offer Cryptic players any benefit whatsoever.

I had a little look at PWE's game profile integration feature a long time back, before Arc was even concieved of.
It has lots of options for publicly sharing info about stuff you did in every game except Star Trek Online and Champions Online.

Now tell me, why should I care about sharing info about games I don't play or characters that I will not create?

And that's the impression I'm getting about PWE here, they claim integration, but really, Cryptic is still completely seperate from PWE.

We will always be second best to PWE and they won't really care what we say, since we aren't playing the games they want us to.

That is the sole reason PWE acquired Cryptic, to try and increase their playerbase (and profit margin) in their other games.

I'm assuming that didn't work, so they said, okay, let's find a way to make them notice our other games and Arc was created.

By the way, NCSoft tried a similar thing on a smaller scale with Tabula Rasa and all it achieved was to lose a significant portion of their North American and European playerbase.

There's a lesson to be learned there, don't push the wrong game at a target demographic who has no interest in it whatsoever.

If we were interested in their games, we wouldn't need Arc to get us to play them.