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08-08-2013, 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by rendar1970 View Post
i gave this a try as I have a sci vesta w/ a tactical captain...

Im not sure what im doing wrong. I used Aux2Batt followed by TBR3 at near pointblank and..... nothing really happens. I push them a little bit, and take them from 100% hull to 98% Hull....

This is with 5 purple particle gens, and maxed particle in skill tree. Was this nerfed recently?
That should be giving you around 2,000 damage/pulse.

Do you have a high Graviton spec? Maybe you're pushing them out of range.
Originally Posted by voporak View Post
PvP'rs: 0, Devs: 1
If any dev guy reads this for whatever reason, let me just ask a question... Is this what you (collectively) wanted? To see your most loyal fans, who were willing to offer help, who were wanting to improve the decency of a basic aspect of the game, completely stamped out? Is this what you wanted?