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Things I wish I knew early on...

a) How to disable the global notifications that spam in the center of the screen every time someone gets a new ship. I went through every option and couldnt find it until a guildie discovered that its burried under the gear symbol in the right corner of the chat box. Really? I didnt even notice the gear symbol. Why wouldnt access to it be from the Options screen as well at the very least?

b) Diverting power to weapons. Little button on the interface, totally did not notice it, and what a difference it makes! My ship went from being meh to being awesome with a single click of a button, and I only found this when I was level 47. Something so critical to not sucking should be maybe on by default?

c) The game becomes significantly easier when you bind key functions like fire all weapons to mouse thumb buttons (mouse 4 and 5). I have weapons, shields and impulse all bound there and what an improvement! No more fumbling around for the impulse button or distribute power to shields.

d) Auto fire on weapons. It is not very intuitive that you can right click all those weapon icons to get them to auto fire. And the difference? Amazing! Instead of having to press a button every 2 seconds I can press it once for the duration of the whole fight and then focus on flying and abilities.