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08-09-2013, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by breadandcircuses View Post
I'm just hoping that since it didn't really add any particularly useful features, they don't start disabling existing ones in order to make it look better... I uninstalled it after trying it out for a month or so, and am just fine with the decision. That, and Arc accesses web-based content without any guarantee that Arc itself is free of bugs, viruses, and so on... which seems like a bad plan.
No worries, you can still launch the game directly without using the ARC. Lucky, coz that thing is more not working, jamming, crashing, then it should be. The only beef at the moment I have with this ARC is that it still downloading an old installer which needs the giant patch to download of 11 Gig. Geezes, even in these times, Cryptic fails to manage to provide us an unpatched installer after each Season expansion. Sad, really sad.