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Originally Posted by zecozoxx1 View Post
Personally, I don't think the assumption is correct. I have a suspicion that ARC will be the straw that broke the camel's back for a lot of people who absolutely do not appreciate being forced to install a 10gig piece of bloatware garbage.
This is exactly right. Remember, under an F2P model - 90% of us don't pay a dime or spend very little actual/real cash in game. 10% or so SPEND A LOT and pretty much fund both future game development and make profit for PWE/Cryptic.

I'm certain PWE/Cryptic is banking on the fact that the majority of this 10% (yes, they may still actually loose a few) will put with accept ARC - and if it cause a larger portion of the 90%n to move on; no big deal in the end to the bottom line - and hell, they can even not worry about having to expand the server farm/pay for more rack space/bandwidth, etc.

Any comment by PWEBranflakes of "PWE/Cryptic cares about everyone that plays STO..." is just the usual PR/lip service he's paid to say as CM. In the end they only really care about the 10% (and that's understandable really as any business exists to make money first and foremost - and that doesn't make them 'evil' - just your average big business capitalist ).

Thus, as long as their market research (and they are doing market research as STO (and CO and NW) are not the first MMOs brought under a unified client like ARC); shows they'll still retain the majority of the 10% who really pay to play STO -- they'll roll out 'ARC', as mandatory (with PWEBranflakes, Trailturtle and the NW Community managers all towing the company line, and singing it's praises, and downplaying its faults/bugs/major negative effects as you try to actually play STO/CO/NW with this bloatware running in the background); and not really care if they loose the 90% not spending much (or any) real cash on Cryptic/PWE games.

welcome to one of the downsides to the F2P model.

(As an aside, it's why Cryptic/PWE now spends money to send the Dev team to large Star Trek conventions - because the game is F2P and client is free to download - they realize that the majority of fans who attend are so into Star trek, they have a greater chance to become a 10% 'whale' (aka big in game money spender) on STO. if the game was still subscription based, they wouldn't bother - because while they would still get some of those same Star Trek fans; they wouldn't get enough to justify the loss in time or expense in hotels, etc. The old 'barrier to entry' of a $20 - $40 box plus a $15 a month sub, is enough to turn a lot of even hard core fans away. With F2P - they draw people in to try the game, (hey, I've nothing to loose and it could be fun), and find (if the starting stuff is top notch) that they then 'hook' them, and these folks start spending before they realize it.)
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