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08-09-2013, 11:26 AM
Special Events are good for the game.

They are fun. They bring in new/returning players. They generate income which supports the game and keeps it around for me to play.

Part of what makes the Events special is that they offer items for a limited time. So, I have to agree with the other "unenlightened souls and minds" in this thread. I think there's a good reason for keeping Exclusivity on Vanity items like the Corvette. I would not want it listed as a direct-purchase in the C-Store (and even if I did, I'd expect them to sell it for no less than 2,000 Zen).

I have no problem with offering it again next year, in fact I think it's a fantastic idea! (And it is the plan, as posted several times, most recently here.)

I tend to agree that I wish specific quantities of Lobi could be purchased directly for a set amount, but I get why they randomize it (to make more money) and double-randomize it's use getting things like the Corvette (to make more more money (and help keep the 'vettes Exclusivity, but mostly it's the money)). So really, I'm Oh-Kay with this method because it's good for the company/game.

Sorry Traveler. I just can't get on board with your proposal.

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