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Originally Posted by rck01 View Post
Now I'm looking for other chains to run to see what else I can get to beef-up my Doff ranks. Suggestions appreciated.
Well the full list is here:

Some ones you might find useful:

Colonization chain in Khazan Cluster (awards always useful Projectile Weapons Officers)

Colonization in Delta Volanis, Zenas Expanse and Eridan Belt (these award DOffs that have two critical traits for doing Support Missions, great for getting more Support DOffs)

Facility 4028 Fugitives: Awards a Dominion Prisoner and unlocks a repeatable that awards a Dominion Prisoner on a critical success. Dominion Prisoners can be traded back to the Dominion for a random DOff that has a very high chance of being blue or purple.

Consular Authority (four different variants): Unlocks a repeatable mission that lets you trade one of your DOffs for a random one of the host species. If you use a cheap green with the right critical traits you have a decent chance of getting a blue or purple DOff back.

Project Chrysalis: Gives a unique DOff with Telekinesis, Telepathic, Resolve and Stubbon. Comes in pretty handy for some DOff missions.

Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar: Gives a free Purple Projectile Weapons Officer. Has a repeatable that awards a random Cardassian DOff on a critical success but it's not really worth doing.

Caitian Diaspora: Gives a purple quality Flight Deck Officer and a repeatable to get more (with the command bonus powers, not the recharge bonus). Not that great unless you're a carrier pilot or just want a bunch of Caitian FDOs but can be fun to do.