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08-09-2013, 04:33 PM
I was in a PUG KASE where I ended up destroying 3 cubes and nanite transformers all by my self, and most of the 4th one. A couple of probes managed to escape into the vortex, but that didn't matter because we wouldn't have gotten the TIMED optional anyways if I had to waste time killing every single probe that spawned.

When Donatra spawned, I didn't do anything for 30 seconds, checking to see how much DPS the other 4 guys were capable of. In a little over 30 seconds, Donatra's health bounced from 97% to 100%. Suffice to say, each one of them was dealing less than 1k DPS.

Call me jerk, but I aborted the mission as soon as I saw that. I could've carried all 4 of them, but y'know what? Eff that. I might as well have been in a PUG with 4 afkers.