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08-10-2013, 07:29 AM
I am thinking this Fleet Leader change is an extremely bad idea.

Consider these scenarios:
1. A fleet has multiple leaders. One of these leaders goes completely bat**** insane, or maybe just flat out goes AWOL. The other two leaders have him removed from power before he causes damage. Unfortunately, this guy has multiple alts, or even multiple accounts: It is now IMPOSSIBLE to remove this guy, because only ONE person can be removed, the process takes *2 WEEKS*, and seeing this will almost CERTAINLY make an already unhinged individual you are attempting to remove from leadership for his own good even more unhinged, probably driving him to cause destruction. In fact, it is impossible to remove this guy, because as only one alt can be kicked at a time, he will just switch to another character and unkick himself. Even if he is simply AWOL and being removed as a precautionary measure, to remove all of his 30 alts will take over a year at 2 weeks per alt removed. During this time, assuming the fleet doesn't explode into civil war, NO ONE CAN BE PROMOTED. Fleet business grinds to a dead halt.

2. A one-man fleet is attempting to rearrange his alts. He now cannot remove himself from a leadership position faster than once per 2 weeks.

3. A fleet leader must temporarily leave the fleet, to deposit stuff in another fleet, buy a fleet ship, etc., or any number of reasons people temporarily leave fleets. He promotes an alt to leader, but this alt is now "Provisional". He then leaves, does his business, and returns. He is now also provisional. The fleet now has no full leader.