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08-10-2013, 08:55 AM
I'm still trying to understand the fleet change. I've re-read that section a half-dozen times now. So let me see if I get this straight:

Because Caspian Division was run by a douchebag, you're going to COMPLETELY PARALYZE a large fleet that has to boot a fleet admiral? NO ONE can be promoted or kicked for TWO WEEKS?

And what happens if the leader being booted has a friend... or an alt character at the same rank? You're going to stick a large fleet into a perpetual kick/rescue griefing loop?

Also, why the heck can't we sort a fleet roster by @name? Actually, why is the fleet roster so terrible? Seriously- when you select a name and click on the promote/demote/kick buttons, it just applies that to a random person whose name was not selected. We have to use the right-click context menu only now, the buttons are completely unsafe. And it's always a fun guessing game to see if it actually saves changes to an officer note.

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