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08-10-2013, 10:03 AM
I'd love to see species specific kits:

Gorn Kit XI

Charge 3 - like lunge, but a flying clothesline!
Rock Throw 3 - Lob a huge rock/lump of debris (pure 100% kinetic, but with a huge aoe)
Thermal overdrive 3 - Using a gorns cold blood, the thermal regulators used on colder planets are modified, allowing energy/heat energy (such enemy/allied exothermic, plasma) to overheat the blood, allowing an increase in movement speed and physical damage
Bite 3 - Bite - Normal bite, or applies a 30% cooldown bonus to the trait bite
Fury 3 - Temorarily ignores all damage, disabling the shield - but as soon as the ability enters cooldown however, the damage from all attacks made on the gorn is applied in one lump value
Aptitude 3- Gorn - using the gorns natural aptitude, applies a 6% increase in science, engineering and tecnically proficient tactical abilities (such as weapon enhancement, ect)

..a kit designed for a race, equippable as any profession