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08-10-2013, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
I just don't understand how someone can look at the reputation system currently in place and think 'You know what this needs? For the project timer to be longer.'

If one could adjust the timer, it would only serve to adjust it to become shorter. If I had the power of Q I would make every timer in the game last 20 seconds.
What is so difficult to understand?

What the OP is suggesting is that everyone can adjust their timers, with the time, cost and the reward increasing or decreasing accordingly.

For example:

A: 10 hours duration, cost: 10 marks, 5k expertise, 50 EC worth of items. reward: 500 reputation, 50 dilithium
B: 20 hours duration, cost: 20 marks, 10k expertise, 100 EC worth of items. reward: 1000 reputation, 100 dilithium
C: 40 hours duration, cost: 40 marks, 20k expertise, 200 EC worth of items. reward: 2000 reputation, 200 dilithium


input and rewards would be the same, but you'd be more flexible. need 100 reputaion to unlock the next tier and you want it now? slot an assignment with a short duration. out of town for 4 days and 500 spare omega marks? slot a long running project. You choose the one that currently best fits your needs.

The idea has merit and would be way more comfortable for us. I do belive that due to technical issues and for the reason that cryptic wants us to log in as often as possible, it probably won't happen, though.