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08-10-2013, 04:57 PM
Since your method would cause players to sign-in irregularly, people would spend less time playing the game. Cryptic wants people to sign-in to "STO" daily; therefore, the method you subscribe may be considered counter-productive.
That's pretty much what I mentioned in my last sentence and my post on page 1 of this thread.

Your proposal is an interesting idea. If the method was applied in the right way, I can see how it would help casual players. When Cryptic gives players what they want, the outcomes have always had certain inconvenience. Cryptic likes to have players pay more for convenience. Compare the prices to buy reputation items and fleet items. Reputation items cost double the price of fleet items. Even though unlocking reputation system items is easy, Cryptic hit everyone with a big price for the convenience.
Credit where credit is due. It's the OPs idea. People just seemed to mistake his "give us a slider to adjust the projects to our needs" with "I want the old 40-hour projects back!!11!!!".

I fully agree with you, though. The OPs idea is good, it would be good for us, but I think it'll never be implemented due to the reasons mentioned above.