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08-11-2013, 11:42 AM
I just want to say...the Galaxy Retrofit used to be an excellent ship.

I equipped mine with (now) retro Borg gear and [Borg] proc polorons and tricobalt torpedos. This was on a TAC VA, not an eng, and it was great for STFs. Of course, I had my Red Matter Capacitor and Peregrines (before they required hangars).

Well, those days are over. Any ship without a hangar is basically useless. Yeah, my crafted Delta Flyer and Mirror ship collection are fun to show off -- complete with the now irrelevant Borg cosmetic set. BUT none of them are worth using anymore.

Hell, even my Chimera has limited utility compared to C-Store and fleet ships.

Bottom line: The Galaxy Retrofit is a VANITY SHIP. It's outdated and will NEVER be altered. If you want an awesome ship, you either have to buy it, or grind your life away building a max level fleet. PWE doesn't care what we want, thus the old endgame ships will never be updated.

Good luck, and GET OVER IT.