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Originally Posted by jivedutch View Post

Maybee the info is on the same page, with nice pictures ...
The only screen where u see the ring lowered is in the docked stage as in the picture ..
"When the warp drive was not in use, the ship's annular-warp nacelle was dropped into the vertical position; when the engines were powered down, or preparing to launch its auxiliary craft, the nacelle was folded horizontally into the primary hull."

Apparently this was seen in 3 different episodes of enterprise

"The D'Kyr-type starship docked at the station in "Bounty" had its "warp ring" tucked in the lower position. In "Impulse", the Seleya appears to have its warp drive partially recessed as well, as does the damaged Tal'Kir in "Future Tense". "

As for the other screen shots, there are several on there where it shows combat with or without a tal'kyr docked where it shows the ring up, and not lowered, which obviously takes place when not traveling at warp.

So without doing a review of the mentioned episodes and others featuring the vessel, it would seem that the ring is lowered when launching the support craft, and when docked, but is up when in normal flight or combat.

So in essence, screenshots would prove as much in this case as only a certified tech manual could prove more.

Hehe yeah, funny thing is it was a picture on that page that had me confused, this one:

Upon closer inspection, the warp ring is up. All this time I thought the ring was down... until I looked closer...

Not that it really matters... Does anybody still think flying a D'Kyr is a good idea?
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