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08-12-2013, 01:29 PM
Fed-Aligned Romulans can not wear Fleet Odyssey Uniform

Current Status: Special. See below.
My Fed-Aligned Romulan (Female Liberated Borg) is a member of a Federation Fleet. That fleet uses the Odyssey Uniform (sold in the Star Base) as their standard Fleet Uniform. My Romulan character was allowed to purchase the Odyssey uniform, but it's not available in the Tailor for her to wear.

If you're going to force Romulans to align with Feds/KDF and join their fleets, then give them the same fleet features. During Fleet meetings, my Romulan is unable to be in uniform, which hampers esprit de corps.

Or if you're not going to fix this, please remove the option for Romulans to purchase these costumes (or at least put a very large disclaimer in there that they can't wear them) and refund my Fleet Credits/Dilithium.

Although I don't have a KDF-aligned Romulan yet, I wonder if a similar issue exists with their Bortasqu uniforms...

Aug 29, 2013 Update - "Resolved" by Cryptic:

  • The standard Odyssey and Bortasqu' Basic Uniforms can no longer be purchased by Romulan captains in their Starbases and Embassies.
    • Romulan captains who have already purchased the uniform will continue to be able to use the respective uniform on respective ally bridge officers.
    • Romulan captains who have not already purchased the uniform have the ability to purchase a Bridge Crew version in their Starbases and Embassies once unlocked.
      • The uniform price is half the cost of the normal version.
      • Only respective ally bridge officers can wear the uniform.
    • Romulans allied with the KDF will no longer be able to apply the Bortasqu' uniform to their captain.
      • Captains already wearing the Bortasqu' uniform will not have the uniform removed unless they actively choose to modify the uniform at a tailor.
I am unsatisfied with this "resolution":
1) As a Romulan I'm forced to join either a Fed or KDF ally, and their respective fleet. As a member of a Fed Fleet that uses the Odyssey for their Fleet Uniform, I can not match the rest of my fleetmates.
2) I already paid the full price for the Odyssey uniform before it was known I couldn't wear it, and I wasn't offered any sort of refund for the "BO Only" half-price version that I'm being forced to take.

However, I'm certain the matter is closed as far as Cryptic is concerned, and it's just not worth wasting any more effort over. Oh well.

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