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08-12-2013, 08:25 PM
im not to shore about what the Dev's have planed i do hope thay read the forums as i do have some idea's for possible Sci/carrier ships for the fed side. im a Sci captain and i fly the atrox and love it but hate its look and worried that when the lvl 60 ships come with the level boost that the carriers will be scrubbed in to smaller escort carriers (not my stile of fighting) so i did some searching in to other Sci ships and carriers that were used be the fed at this time. i really hope the dev's are reading this cause i would really like to see or even fly these ships

my first ship is the true Excalibur class not the ship you get at lvl 10
i dont own the pics

then there is the insignia class

if any one hear reading this agrees with me then maybe if you kick up enough fuss then maybe the dev's will consider them as some of the new lvl 60 ships

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