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Was just in Cure Space Elite on my Federation Romulan, captaining a Scimitar, and found the NPCS different. And honestly not sure what is going on, if its a AI "improvement" or a Bug.

We were doing the RML Strategy and another player was guarding the Kang. When we were on the Raptor Wave, I was helping out the Kang Guard. I went to Thalaron Blast the Raptors and next thing I know, they turned 90 Degrees to the left and was actually leaving my Thalaron targeting cone (range of Raptors - 5.6km). I managed to hit 1 of the 3 when the attack went off.

Somehow they were still fixated on the Kang the entire time and after the attack went off, they proceeded to attack the Kang. Between the two waves, we barely managed to retain the Optional.

Then during the Negh'var Wave, I was out of range of the last Cube and the others had cleared out the remaining Borg guards from the Middle Cube, I once again went for another Thalaron Attack and right before the attack went off, I was immediately destroyed! It happened so fast, I honestly didn't know what in the world hit me! Again, the only NPCs within range was those 3 Negh'vars.

So did Cryptic changed the AI of the Borg so they react to the Thalaron attack? Or is this a bug?

If NPCs are going to start to react to the Thalaron Attack, I for one as a Scimitar owner would like to know, because I didn't spend $50 worth of Zen on such a cheap move with no way to defend myself in such a vulnerable position.