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08-12-2013, 11:54 PM
There's a lot that needs clarification from these patch notes, and no clarification seems to be forthcoming. I agree something needed to be done to help secure fleets, but these changes seem overly restrictive and prohibitive. If this 2 week cycle activates in the case of just pure demotion to Tier 6 of fleet ranks or with straight out kicking the leader, then this could take years to kick one leader if they have a lot of alts. And as has been put out there, many leaders of fleets have many alts. All it takes is one hacker to get in and have one of the alts kicked to put the fleet in lockdown for 2 weeks, plus if one of the hacked accounts toons gets kicked, there are still 5 more that could just revert the changes.

In summary, the biggest issues I see are:
1) 2 weeks is too long of a probationary period, especially if you can only kick one alt at a time.
2) There does not seem to be an ability to kick an entire account's alts and primary at once, which leaves the system as vulnerable to hacks and griefing as always.
3) Kicking and demoting seem to be wrapped into one in the patch notes. If you have to wait 2 weeks to demote a leader's alt (all the while not being able to promote/demote anyone else), big fleet's could get locked into long periods of administrative activity.
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