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08-13-2013, 03:39 AM
Those cannot turn, so they really are not of much use unless you have the Subspace Jumper console (Tholian Lock Box, but also on the Exchange).

For Engineering, my first suggestion would be the Fleet Excelsior. But then a fleetmate is using the Fleet Ambassador, and he can tank extremely well in that thing. I have to admit that I myself was very unsupportive of the Ambassador's abilities, but it has earned my trust and respect.

As for my own Engineer, I went the way of the Carrier. So, I chose the Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier, turned it into a full Cannon load (Fleet Plasma ), and got the Elite Scorpion Fighters. Come to find out, it can solo tank a Cube very well. Now yes, killing the cube takes a bit more time, but it does not matter because I can survive well enough to never necessitate retreat. So far, the one and only thing to succeed in killing it was Donatra's phantom Thalaron blast (the one that fires the instant she decloaks, then the normal blast starts charging)

In the end, Engineers are not meant to tear through enemy ranks. That is the job of Tacticals. Engineers are mainly for support, to keep the team alive. Or more importantly, they keep the Tacticals alive (). Having an Engineer that can do this while still being quite respectable with damage output is very much appreciated, but your primary job is still to keep your team mates alive.

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