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Originally Posted by daqhegh View Post
I was just thinking...

It's beyond RARE for PWE to give us what we want. There may be a few ultra rare examples, but I don't see the point in discussing how to create a ship (Mirror or Standard) knowing full well IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. It's a waste of energy and a waste of typing. PWE WILL NEVER LISTEN to your suggestions. Also, since it's established that the old ships are a waste of money/DIL, it's pointless to think this will change.

Don't get me wrong--I agree with some of the ideas here. The problem I have is the assumption (or hope) that PWE is listening.

They aren't and never will. The energy spent creating this thread could be spent better.
So then let's just stop posting anything, because Cryptic won't change anything, even if the playerbase wants it?

I don't think so, ther have been several ocasions when cryptic was actually changing things because they didn't work.
The same thing with the GCS -R.

I'm NOT suggesting they should change the existing ship, but to introduce an ALTERNATIVE ship, similar to the several mirror ships we already have in the game. Sure, Cryptic does not listen to anything relating the Galaxy class, but this doesn't stop me from trying to reach them. They surely won't change anything if no one asks for it.

I mean a improved GCS is nothing Game breaking. No one wants to get a over powered ship. Just one that is useable, fun to fly and at least a bit like the original. Just look at the T5 Ambassador or Excelsior Class, Cryptic made them much more useable and versatile ships than the Galaxy -R.
But the thing cryptic has made has almost nothing to do with a GCS at all.

I can understand if some dev is a fan of the Excelsior so they made the ship so much better, but igonring a much more iconic and popular ship just doesn't make any sense.

The GCS is the ship most fans i know of have grown up with, for many it is the essence of Star Trek. Aside from a in-universe point of view, why shouldn't it's fans get at least a ship that isn't a pain to fly?

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