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08-13-2013, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I'm NOT suggesting they should change the existing ship, but to introduce an ALTERNATIVE ship, similar to the several mirror ships we already have in the game.
All Mirror ships are simply costume changes of free ships with a exceptions on KDF side.

But thats not the problem, the problem is Federation shipyards are overburden with designs to the point all possible BO seating have been done, your proposal is duplicating the Soverign or the Excelsior layouts, it also steps on the Odyssey as your "2 set" is absurdly powerful, +20 power AND +30 to BOTH Energy and Projectile damage?

With the Odyssey the Cruiser 3 pack is done, we dont need another cruiser 3 pack ... one thing is refitting so having a Galaxy Set works when owing the 3 Galaxies but even that is tough because the Galaxy-X is a completely different beast that the Galaxy-R, what works in one does not necessary works on the other but this is caused by the ships not being made to work as a pack and after the fact its not going to work trying for then to work as a pack, adding a new cruiser 3 pack would be redundant and would punish other ship classes.
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